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Back-End Developers: Join This Revolutionary Photography Education Company

What’s iPhone Photography
School all about?

We make online courses that help people take stunning photos with the iPhone.

With our 9-year track record, we’re the world’s leader in mobile photography education.

And while we’re proud of everything we’ve accomplished so far, we’re just getting started...

Our team has set some incredibly ambitious goals (read on to find out what they are).

So right now, we're looking for a remote back-end developer to help us meet our goals.

But would we make a good fit for each other?

Read on to find out...


We’ll get Apple to put our app
on every iPhone by 2025

There are currently one billion active iPhone devices in the world.

Our mission is to create such an excellent learning experience that Apple will happily put it on every iPhone in the world by 2025, knowing that they could never do it better themselves.

We understand that this is an unusual and highly ambitious goal. But we really mean it.

Thankfully, we have good reasons to believe that it can in fact be achieved.

Please understand that this isn’t yet another aspirational goal that will soon be forgotten.

Our mission requires everyone on our team to consistently deliver their absolute best work, day after day, at a quality level that would satisfy Apple. That’s the only way we can get there.

Please only apply if you’re ready to do whatever it takes to achieve our mission.


We’ll get Apple to put our app
on every iPhone by 2025.


Our Values

Our values are simple guidelines for how we’ve chosen to do our work.

They serve as concise reminders for how we make various day-to-day decisions.

Please note that no company’s values are universally accepted. We’ve chosen our values according to what’s important to us. You may like our values, or you may hate them.

Please review our values carefully and only apply if this is how you want to work.

Value #1

Do Less, Achieve More

do less achieve more

Most of us have more tasks on our to-do lists than there are hours in the day.

It’s pretty clear we can’t do it all. But what can we do?

By prioritizing well, we can achieve our most important goals without putting in unsustainable work hours. We always look for the low-hanging fruit, or the first domino piece to topple.

Additionally, experience has shown that it’s usually faster to do something right straight away.

So instead of applying another quick fix, we always try to get to the bottom of the problem and create a systematic solution that will also prevent other similar issues in the future.

While this may take a little longer, ultimately it helps us Do Less, Achieve More.

Value #2

Follow Data, Not Opinions

follow data not opinions

The 20th-century economy was built on oil as the most important raw material.

The 21st-century economy is being built on data as the most important raw material.

With the rise of artificial intelligence, it’s becoming clear that the companies with the best data will have a massive advantage. That’s why we’re building a data-driven company at its core.

We start by collecting large amounts of data wherever possible. This includes not only data about our user actions (stored with respect to privacy), but also many other types of data.

For example, we track how long our team spends on various tasks so we can create more accurate project estimates and make informed decisions for how to organize our work.

Without relevant data, all we’re left with are our opinions. We prefer the data.

Value #3

Ship What You Start

ship what you start

With so much important work to do, it’s easy to start yet another project...

But have you shipped the project you started last month?

This value discourages our team from tackling too many priorities at the same time.

It’s definitely not fun to manage a large number of projects without seeing the finish line.

It’s not only frustrating but also inefficient as you keep losing time to regular context switching.

As a company, we pay a cost every time someone starts working on a new project. But we only get that cost back when the final deliverables of the project are shipped to the end-users.

So everyone benefits when you Ship What You Start.

To show us that you read this page, please use the password “ship” at the top of your first application response on the next page. We’ll reject applications without the password.

Value #4

Fight For Our Standards

fight for our standards

At iPhone Photography School, we strive for excellence in everything we do.

But excellence isn’t a destination. You can’t get there as the goalpost keeps moving.

So we look at excellence as continuously getting better at the work that we do.

And that’s why our Fight For Our Standards value is so important.

First and foremost, it’s a reminder for us to always deliver our absolute best work.

It’s a reminder to expect the best from yourself, as well as from your coworkers, at all times.

It’s also an invitation for everyone to put their honest thoughts and feedback on the table, no matter how uncomfortable they might feel at times.

We believe this approach is necessary to consistently produce high-quality results.

That’s why we choose to Fight For Our Standards.

Value #5

Make It Beautiful

make it beautiful

As a visual arts company, we live and breathe beautiful things.

We love beautiful photos, beautiful videos, beautiful designs, even beautiful spreadsheets!

Put simply, we try to make our work as beautiful as we can...

And this passion goes beyond what most people would consider rational.

So why do we do it?

Well, quite simply, we believe that beauty matters.

It matters to us. It matters to our customers. And we hope it also matters to you.



We inspire people to appreciate
the beauty of the world

our purpose

Our purpose is the fundamental reason for our company’s existence.

It’s why we get out of bed each morning to do the absolute best job possible.

Through our engaging, stunningly beautiful online courses, we share the gift of photography with the world. In the process, we also give our students a new way of seeing the world.

When you begin your photography journey, you’ll quickly start to recognize the kind of things that photographers see everywhere, including the lighting, patterns, shapes, and colors.

As you keep taking more photos, you’ll become a careful observer of the world. You’ll start to recognize (and capture) beauty everywhere – even in places where others see nothing!

Anyone who’s mastered photography is intimately familiar with this experience.

Here’s how one of our students described it:

“I am already looking at the world through different eyes. At 75 that is exciting and very special. My heart feels alive with the different way I look at the world around me. Well, at least it feels that way to me. I am excited. You have awoken something in my soul. Thank you!”

– Denis Fitzpatrick

In the age of social media addiction, one sometimes wonders if smartphones have done more harm than good to our society. The technology that was once supposed to bring people closer and connect the world is making people increasingly disconnected, lonely, and depressed.

But we still love the iPhone and everything it can do. We want to use this tool to help people reconnect with reality, and ultimately, to inspire them to appreciate the beauty of the world.


What will you be doing as a back-end developer?

  • Being part of an experienced, dynamic and supportive team
  • Building new, exciting platforms used by over 500,000 active customers
  • Create APIs and internal tools to support the business
  • Helping to maintain existing platforms and solving any problems that arise

Here’s what we expect from you

  • You have 3+ years of PHP development experience
  • You've worked with Laravel
  • You have good knowledge of relational databases, SQL and TDD workflows
  • You have an excellent attention to detail
  • You have excellent communication skills and love to work collaboratively

Additional skills that would be a bonus...

  • Any Production DevOps Experience
  • Expert level AWS knowledge
  • Experience developing with VueJS

Our Tech Stack

  • PHP (Laravel, PHPUnit, Livewire)
  • Javascript (VueJS, InertiaJs)
  • AWS (CloudFormation, ECS, Aurora, DynamoDb, Athena, Redis, S3)
  • CI/CD (GitHub, Docker, CircleCi)

This is a 100% remote full-time position. Due to time zone differences, we won’t be able to hire applicants residing in Australia or the eastern parts of Asia.

If you delay submitting your application,
someone else will be hired before you.


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